You’ll find the Faroe Islands in the middle of the North Atlantic. To be precise, we’re at 62 degrees north and 7 degrees west. Our nearest neighbours are Scotland, 300km to the southeast; Iceland, 430km to the northwest; and Norway, 600km to the east.  Though the Faroes are technically part of Denmark, the Danish capital, Copenhagen, is 1300km away.
There are 18 Faroe Islands, all separated by narrow stretches of water. The largest island, Streymoy, is home to the capital, Tórshavn.
Did you know: the Faroes stretch 113km from top to bottom and 75km across; the highest point in the islands is the mountain, Slættaratindur ( 822m); our mountainous terrain makes the average height of our land 300m above sea level, though our villages are generally located on the coast.

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