If you’re used to breathing in car fumes and choking on the polluted air all too common in today’s urban areas, you’re in for a special treat in the Faroes. We specialise in crisp, clean, fresh air. Fill your lungs with the heady air of the North Atlantic and you’ll see what we mean. It smells so good! Another thing we have plenty of is greenery – seemingly everywhere you look is green. True, we haven’t got lots of trees, but our hillsides are covered in tussocky, juicy, green grass – and our sheep love it. This really is a country clad in green.
Geologically, the Faroes are of volcanic origin and a part of the North Atlantic basalt area which stretches from Ireland to Greenland. Our mountains were formed in layers – still evident today – and sometimes look like layers of cake, sitting on top of each other. During the Ice Age, glaciers reshaped the land into today’s archipelago of high mountains, deep valleys and narrow fjords.
You want sheep? Perfect, because we’ve got lots of them. In fact, they outnumber people two to one! We’ve got plenty of birdlife two – puffins, gannets, storm petrels, guillemots, kittiwakes and  fulmars are all here in great numbers. 

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