How to shop Tax Free?

Shopping Tax Free in the Faroe Islands is an easy and convenient way to put more money in your wallet!

Three easy steps
1. Shopping

Make your purchase where you see the Tax Free Worldwide sign and simply ask for a Tax Free Worldwide form at the register.
2. Customs verification

Prior to check-in have your form export validated either by customs in Vágar airport or by customs in the departure hall of M/F Norrøna.
3. Get your Refund

Credit Card Refund:
Insert your credit card number on the Tax Free form and mail it in a Tax Free Worldwide envelope for a direct refund to your credit card. Quick and easy! Note – due to card processing time it might take up to 6-8 weeks before you receive your refund!

Cash Refund:
Receive your cash refund at the Information Desk at Vágar airport or on board the M/F Norrøna. Note – a fee will be charged!

If you are here on a cruise ship, fishing boat or your own boat, VisitTórshavn can refund you the money. Note – a fee will be charged!

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